Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Sale until Halloween - Big Scare in Small Town !

  1. Eight years ago, Harvey Firari wrote this book - a fantasy, loosely related to Culver's annual Halloween season scarecrow contest. Noted for his marvelous mastery of acerbic wit, his book will entertain oldsters and young children alike - with many interesting "double meanings" throughout. And Esther has had the thrill of FINALLY (after age 70) achieving her life's goal of becoming a bona fide book illustrator!

Harvey has moved to Cazenovia, New York, to live close to his delightful daughter, Fairlie. Declining eye sight has made it harder for him to communicate. To e-mail him, use a large font and send to Harvey at

Check our web site for more details on this book and info on Harvey and take advantage of our special offer to purchase this from now until Halloween for the price of $13.95 (Regular price is $19.95.)

STUDIO UPDATE: Another productive day in my studio. Am in the middle of a house portrait. Have spent many hours working on details of the fieldstone steps in the foreground of this watercolor, with lots of careful drawing and detailed pen and ink accents. When finished I'll photograph it to share with you.

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