Monday, April 19, 2010


Ward and I are blessed with a total of fourteen grandchildren and great grandchildren, and it is my hope to complete a special watercolor for each of them. About a month ago, I posted a painting of a wooded scene in Germany - which we shipped to my oldest grandson Michael.

Melanie is my third grandchild, and today, we are sending her the original watercolor shown above - New Orleans Buggy Ride for Melanie - as a gift for her 25th birthday. A native of New Orleans, it is still her home. About 20 years ago, at the beginning of our Painter and Poet journey, we participated in some New Orleans area art shows and I had fun painting rather kooky watercolors of N O scenes. This original is from that early period.

My own birthday was several days ago, and I'm still reeling from the pleasures of that day - thank you all. Cards propped on the side table in our dining room - I'm enjoying re-reading them and hoping to take a photo of the friendly daisies sent by my older daughter, Suzy - maybe they will be in a watercolor someday. Special cookies, more wonderful daffodils, long heart warming phone calls, and an upcoming shopping trip to South Bend with my buddy, Darlene. Plus several great necklaces to adorn my old neck! Wow! I feel so very lucky and so young that I can't believe I'm such a relic.

Am happy to report that the original I posted several days ago - a flag on an old fashioned porch - has been sold. We will soon have prints available, and they will be posted on our web site and in our Culver gallery.

Mother's Day will be here before you know it. Consider checking out our web site: to order a print for your special lady. There are many to choose from - and florals seem especially appropriate. Rose Garden (pictured above) has been a proven favorite . Peace and serenity are embodied in this painting of the Virgin Mary's statue and Ward has captured the essence of the message in his verse

Studio Update:

Have spent the last several days assembling mat colors and picking frames for prints and originals, replenishing the supply of note cards, doing some updating on our mailing list, and getting Uncle Sam paid. Yesterday I struggled scanning and working on the new prints of Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, introduced in our blog several days ago.

Spring is truly here and Ward and I have been driving around, admiring flowering bushes and trees. I've promised him that I'll soon paint an old weathered barn and silo to complete our composite creation - his poem with my accompanying watercolor. Today we spied a splendidly dilapidated old silo on Olive Trail just south of Plymouth. This "old silo scene" is percolating in my brain and I'll soon get rolling on it.

Now I hope to take more photos of Gignilliat Hall in full spring regalia - I have good building details in skeletal photos taken last fall. Am excited about this project.

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