Friday, September 5, 2014

34th Wedding Anniversary

It's the 5th of September, and Ward and I celebrated with an exceptionally good dinner at the Cerulian Restaurant located on a canal  off Winona Lake.  We had a waitress snap a photo of us, and I had hoped to transfer that photo to this blog.  Alas - can't seem to get that done.

Yesterday, I had surgery on my right ankle - to remove a protruding rod that was put in almost 25 years ago.  A serious health risk.  Glad that is over, and will be happy when recuperation is complete. 

Am looking forward to getting back into a good routine.  You can count our being open on Saturdays from 11 till 5, but otherwise we'll be here by chance or appointment.  And since I am still not really adept on our I Phone, please email us at or call us on our home phone - 574-842-4350. 

I have finished sketching in outlines  a number of paintings - and as I finish them, I plan to post them on our blog.   Two complicted originals are almost done - will also post photos of them after they have been delivered to the purchasers. 

Now I'm going to post this (before I heat a wrong key) and will write again soon!