Monday, December 5, 2011

Second Blog of the Day - Our mailing address

Dear "All of You",

Just opened our mail, and there was a nice Christmas card addressed to our Culver address with a message inside that they "hoped we would receive this at our new address", so thought some of you might like to have our new mailing address.  Here it is: 

Ward and Esther Miller
1415 Avalon Court
Winona Lake, Indiana

Back to unpacking just one more box.  Fortunately, we have an attached garage with room along one side for open metal shelving and several roomy metal enclosed cabinets.  Those areas are fast filling up and many of the boxes are simply labeled "memorabilia".  I feel as if it will take us 5 years to sort all of this out, but it is comforting to know that we can take our time, to pitch, save, give away or sell. 

I'll tell all of you a secret (and I guess then, it will not longer be a secret):  Some of the memorabilia boxes were packed when my mother died in 1988 (24 years ago).  Wow!  Our Painter and Poet journey began in 1989, and I've been more fascinated by enjoying our wonderful art "trip" with all of the hard but enjoyable facets of envisioning, then making the painting and poetry come to life, then marketing, traveling, etc. etc., than I was by delving into the contents of those boxes  - they moved along with us -
to our first condo, then to our peaceful log cabin, then to our recent beloved Culver home with attached gallery, and now on to our retirement condo - a peaceful and secure haven.  I'm sure this new spot, without the gallery, the matting and framing, and with other people responsible for many of the tasks we tried to do for ourselves, will give us an easier life with more time to create and to relax.  So the journey goes on..........

Ward hung a Christmas wreath near our front door, and our 45 year old nativity scene (from Marshall Field's catalog) is in its year round place,  an antique commode right next to our front door.  Later this next week, we will put up a few old favorite Christmas decorations. 

from  Esther

Still in the Midst of our overwhelming move!

Hi friends -

Had hoped to be posting by now, but realty has set in, and we continue to pack, tote, and unpack - with an occasional half day off to recuperate.  Shortly before Thanksgiving, I tore a tendon in my left wrist (the good news, -it was not my right hand), so am being careful and doing lots of sorting but very little lifting.  Am in a fiberglass cast (waterproof) and very light weight.  Relatively comfortable.   

We had planned to be moved before snowy weather - the furniture and heavy boxes in our final major load was put in place about 20 minutes before Warsaw's first snow of the season - no snow in Culver.   Excellent accidental timing.

Most people here seem to be kind and friendly.  Our next door neighbors dropped in several days after we began sleeping here - they brought some good cookies, and a warm welcome.  Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas dinner at the community building for Robin Hood Condos - dinner is being catered by Grace College.

My drawing table is still buried in boxes, but our limited edition prints are safely in order on shelves along the back wall of my studio - thanks to expert and careful handling by Chris Chambers.  As soon as that area is in order, I'm determined to get a brush in my RIGHT hand- I can feel it twitching now.  We'll soon take some photos of our condo to share with you.  Trying to port our 842-8888 land line to our "waiting to be programmed" cell phone.  As of now, the safest way to call us is on our home land line - 574-372-6339 - or email  a message to us at

After we have our new cell phone set up, we will disconnect the Painter and Poet land line in Culver, and will have the cell phone programmed to receive messages.  We'll then immediately post our correct and active phone number for Painter and Poet.  Thank you all for your patience during this transition. 

Hope you all are on schedule to welcome Santa.  Peace.   from Esther