Thursday, December 9, 2010

A NEW START! November is behind us.

Ward and I are back in our comfortable routine. Shortly before Halloween, Ward suffered with a
large kidney stone, and endured 2 surgeries for treatment. Everything else went on hold while we worked for his recovery. He is now almost back to normal, and we are most grateful - to his excellent doctor, and the concern and generous help from family and kind friends.

Cook Book Mode has been my computer life for the last several weeks, and 22 new spiffy spiral bound cook books -
"COOKING, PAINTING & POETRY - from Painter and Poet" are piled on our dining room table. Some of these have been pre-ordered, and the master file for reprinting them is safe on our trusty Mac, and on backup files.

For background on these books - Four years ago, I composed a family cook book preserving only our very favorite recipes for family and close friends - a project I very much wanted to complete. Since then, a few more exceptional recipes have expanded our selective list of favorites , and these are also included in this new book. This cook book centers around three of Ward's and my favorite activities - cooking (and eating), painting, and poetry, so here you have it
- "COOKING, PAINTING & POETRY from Painter and Poet."

Contents of this book: over 100 favorite recipes - breads, appetizers, desserts, main dishes, salads, soups and sandwiches, veggies, and turkey dinner basics; almost 90 full color illustrations of Esther's most popular watercolor prints and note cards; and a nice sampling of Ward's poetry. Along with the recipes, the poems and the watercolor illustrations are indexed, and some of the collectors are named. Where possible, we give credit to the generous people who shared their super recipes with us.

This "family" collection is dedicated to our seven children and our grandchildren (+ 2 "grands" for Ward), and the cover image is "Uncle John's Barn", named to honor my dad, John Henry Scobie, who was a fantastic father and a true "gentle man".

We've kept our cook book pricing as low as possible, but cost escalated because of all the full color print illustrations. We're holding the introductory offer price at $49.00 - boxed, autographed if you wish, and including a note card (possibly one of those included in the book's illustrations). When we sell out of our initial printing, orders will be taken, and the price then will be $59.00.

It's fun communicating with you again, and I leave to go back into the living room and into "Christmas Tree Decorating Mode."

P. S. To order our new cook book, call us. Cook book not yet added to our web site. Wide selection of prints and many note cards available on our web site.

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