Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SLIPPING BACK TO  MOVE AHEAD!                                          Blog- dated October 27, 2015

Ward and I are entering a new chapter in our lives and from now forward, we will not have any set open hours, but please remember  that you visitors and customers are always welcome.  We treasure your interest, whether or not you purchase anything!   Soon our  sign will make that clear.  So ring our front doorbell if you want to stop and visit us and our gallery.  

I'll be working on some projects and Ward is likely to be either reading or watching TV or cooking.  His food is awesome!! And if nobody answers, we are likely not home!

"Slipping Back" means that I'm gladly getting rid of the cell phone, which I've never been at ease with.     For many years we have  had a land phone line  for our residence phone - 574-842-4350.  This number is in the Culver phone book - in Ward's name, as he is a retiree of the phone company.  This number will still be in that phone book, under his name, but there will be another phone number  there also -  Painter and Poet - and it will list our long standing gallery phone number - 574-842-8888 when the new directory comes out.   Each of these phones will be attached to an old fashioned answering machine, where - you may leave a message if we are not able to answer the phone.  This method is almost pre-historic - the old fashioned way, and we promise to answer or call you back as soon as we can.   .These changes will show up when a new phone book is published.  

We will continue to sell over our Painter and Poet website, www.painterandpoet.com.  We will  accept  personal or business checks, but not take charges.  And of course, we welcome plain old CASH!  We will not accept charges, but will allow you to take home prints and mail us a check (if you don't have one with you).    For purchase of originals, we will work out a time payment plan with  you, if needed.

We have operated our business now for 26 years.   And we will  continue now as long as we are able.  We've only lost money one time by trusting a customer, and that was at Plymouth's Blueberry Festival.  They even gave us a fake address.   Sneaky devils, weren't they?

Many people in our age bracket avoid computers - But not me!.  I design and print the note cards and many of the prints we sell in our gallery.  I will still use email, keep a mail list, and an email address book, and do our book-keeping on line.  Our email address is Info@painterandpoet.com.  Thank you all again for being our customers.  We do so appreciate you!  Changes go into effect on Nov. 3, 2015

Our goal is to spend more time enjoying ourselves, and  also creating more art and poetry. And I want the business side to go back to being as simple as possible.  We thank you for helping us continue to enjoy painting and sharing our painting and poetry with you!

From  Esther and Ward  Miller     "The Painter and the Poet"