Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday's Blog-What happened to the turtles?

Maxinkuckee cottage watercolor - the turtles must have jumped in the water.  Seriously, they are still in the painting, but my attempt to add close up views of the turtles failed.  A good friend of mine emailed to say she didn't know where to click to look at the turtles.  The culprit is my limited computer skill.  I don't dare even think about pulling off something like that!  Sorry I goofed - here's my alibi - "my little close up photos of turtle 1 and turtle 2 decided they didn't want to be in the blog."

Now it's almost 4 on Sunday afternoon, and I'm going to peel potatoes to go with our pork loin roast which is on the menu (that means thawed out) for tonight's meal.  And when it's in the oven, I'll wander back to my little studio and work on the winter scene of "the house with candles in the windows."  How's that for a plan?

We have serious winter weather here.  South Bend - about 40 miles north of us - has had 30 inches of snow within the last day or so - that's a record!  We're fortunate to have much less snow here, but one must still be very careful walking and driving.  Stay warm!

Remember, comments are welcomed. I hope to have a new blog ready for you by next weekend.    from  Esther

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