Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HUGE SALE! Exciting news from Painter and Poet

Change is in the wind!  Ward and I want to let you in on our plans.  We  are 98% sure that we will soon be moving to a condo  in Robin Hood Condominiums, associated with Grace Village Retirement Community at Winona Lake, Indiana- right next to Warsaw.   While we are both "young at heart",  Father Time has a nasty habit of sneaking up on us, and this move will make it easier for us to continue to pursue our creative life and our personal life.  All exterior maintenance will be done by someone else, and our lives will be easier and simpler.  Grace Village is lovely, and a very friendly and helpful place, and we are looking forward to happy, productive and safe years there.  It is very hard for me to leave Culver - I have had a home or property here for 58 years and I appreciate all of the amazing generosity and kindness that people in this town have given first to me and my children, and then to Ward and me.   Grace Village is only 45 minutes from Culver and we plan to return  often!!   

While living in Grace Village, we will not have a retail outlet, but you may purchase our unmatted prints,  cook books and Ward's books  online through our web site .  We are delighted to report that Painter and Poet prints will be available  here in Culver at Gail's Shop.  And Culver Academies' Bookstore will continue to carry our Culver Academy Series of prints.  

Ward and I have worked hard and lived our dream  for the last 14 years operating our own small gallery housed in several locations along Main Street in Culver.  It has been such a pleasure to share our artistic work.  We will miss the many customers and friends we've met through our painting and poeting, but all good things (and fortunately also - all bad ones) end, and we look forward to the next chapter.  Our move to Winona Lake will allow me to concentrate on painting originals, and  plugging away on long delayed commissions.  My studio there will be larger  than the one in our Culver home.  And after we are settled in our condo, I will be  joining Daily Paintworks site online and posting small originals on that site.  Fear not - the art gene is still strong and urgent in my innards!   Ward continues with his poetic musings and years back he wrote a wonderful poem called "My Indiana Home" - I am looking forward to finishing the small watercolors needed to illustrate this poem which will then morph into a poster.   That will be my first project after we settle in our new home..  

We want to reduce our inventory before we move, and so are having a whopping 50% off sale only on all the framed and matted prints now in our gallery.   This sale does not include unmatted prints or any of our other gallery inventory.  While we plan to stay open as much as possible, our "for sure" hours will be Fridays and Saturdays from 10 till 5.  To come at other times, check our open sign or call ahead.  574-842-8888. 

We will accept phone orders with credit card payment, and will be glad to mark your purchases and set them aside for pick up.   If you want to pay by cash or personal check, we will mark your artwork,  set it aside and hold it for up to 5 days so you can arrange to pay for it when you get it.  We will accept credit cards and personal checks.  All sales will be final.  Sorry,  because of the confusion of this move we cannot arrange shipping.   More details on how to purchase items from Painter and Poet will be posted later.  We hope to be settled in our new Grace Village home before Thanksgiving.    
As soon as our condo lease in Robin Hood Condos is finalized, our Culver home will be for sale.  I'll blog again and give you more information on our Mission style brick bungalow, a house that struck my fancy for many years before we purchased it about 13 years ago.   We have loved  living in this house and hope the new owners will enjoy it as much as we have.

from  Ward and Esther