Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art and Earth Trail

A view of the front of our gallery as it will appear in late spring!
We are thrilled to have been invited to be part of  the Northern Indiana Art and Earth Trails.  This is a planned "drive yourself" tour with suggestions for destinations - easy, free, and fun to follow.  The photo on the left is included both in the  current brochure printed by that group and on their wonderful website.  There are seven Northern Indiana loops in this trail, and we are in the Marshall County segment, known as Time to Unwind loop.  The web address is
Inside view of Gallery - spring, 2011   Go there to find out more about these trails, and when you visit our gallery, be sure to tell us that you are following this trail.  When you get on the web site,  click on "stories" - we are honored to be featured on our loop -  (TIME TO UNWIND).  

Milestones in our lives like special reunions, weddings, graduations, etc. inspire us to undertake major and minor changes - in our bodies and in our homes.    Well!  Being included on this tour is a similar catalyst for us.  The prospect of opening our gallery, our studio and a section of our home to visitors from this tour - has encouraged us to freshen up our gallery - we've bought some spacious baskets to hold most of our prints, rearranged some of our space, and hung more of our personal collection of my  originals in our home for easy viewing.  And we've gone high tech, with a wifi radio, and will have wonderful music in the gallery when I can figure out how to program the sucker. 

Our kitchen has just been repainted- cabinets inside and out - utter chaos.   In about a week, I hope to finish pitching and sorting - in preparation for a few minor furniture moves in the studio (the final step in readying our home/studio/gallery)  Then, I myself will be planted - painting in the studio.  Which reminds me - in front of a south window are twelve little glass jars containing healthy starts from our beloved old Christmas cactus.  Earlier this week, we bought clay pots and saucers.  And as soon as we get the right potting soil mix, I'll plant them. 

Have finished proof reading our family cookbooks, and will print a short new edition.  Will keep you posted on that.

Remember we have definite gallery hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 till 5, and other times whenever the sign is out, by chance or appointment.  Call us at 574-842-8888 for an appointment and we'll do our best to be open when it is convenient for you.   

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