Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday evening - BIG SALE is progressing!

We are still having the BIG 50% OFF SALE on all prints!  New extended hours:  1 PM till 6 PM, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun.  Our sale will continue until Nov. 12.  The walls are getting more and more empty, but many nice bargains remain.  Christmas is coming!
After we move, Gail's Shop here in Culver will be selling our prints.  And we also will be selling un-matted prints on line.  

Ward and I are sad to close our little Painter and Poet Gallery and will miss our wonderful friends and neighbors in Culver, an amazing small town.  But we do look forward to our new home at Robin Hood Condos., where we will have a more stress free life and the help we are likely need as we age.   If curious, check out their web site: 

After we are settled in our new digs, I will be setting up my membership in Daily Paintworks, a  very active site where many artists sell their originals. And I am looking forward to working on many of the commissions some of you have requested - I will have the space and the time to paint, paint, paint!  For the next few weeks, our email address and phone number will remain the same, and we will be posting on this blog to let you know of changes.

Once we are settled there, we will be sending a card to each of you on our active mailing list, giving you our new address and phone number and details on how to contact us.  

Now I must get back to packing.  Looks like many of our "memorabilia" boxes will be unopened and transferred to shelves in our new garage.   To you who have moved in the last few years, does this sound familiar?   

From  Esther and Ward

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Working toward our Big Move!