Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Blog of 2012

When we first arrived here - just before Thanksgiving, I was always talking about going back home - which meant Culver.  Now when we are at the Culver house, I find myself saying - "maybe it's time to head back home." 

About a week ago, Darlene came to visit, and she took several pictures of Ward and me, so I am posting one of them.  It was very cold and we are in front of our Winona Lake home, and soon I will post some more inside shots, so you can get a better idea of where we now live.

Randy is working on web site changes, and those will soon be finished.  In the meantime, our phone numbers are land line residence phone:  574-372-6339 and our answering service is working there.  Our Painter and Poet Gallery cell phone number is 574-842-8888.  If I don't return a message you left there, please call me back on our land line.  I confess  -  I'm having trouble learning how to get my voice mail messages.  I know, I know - you say it's easy.  Well, let me remind you - I grew up on a farm where my Dad plowed with a team of horses - and we had no electricity and no running water (and an out-house).  How can anybody expect me to be a fast whiz on a cell phone?  C'mon,  Give me a break!