Saturday, November 21, 2015


WARD AND I HAVE SO VERY MUH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!    We are still living very independently, and Ward's health is excellent.  And I surely have nothin much to complain about  When I was 70, I knew that my balance would become gradually worse, and here I am - still able to get around our house, walk down to the local stores (using my walker  and stopping often to rest -  but still able to go alone.  Wonderful news.  Going to check out the building next to Culver's Chapel -  I've heard that's a good possibility for walking inside when it's not a good idea to try to walk outside.   

Our youngest daughter, Jennifer Powers, is now living in her own apartment in Plymouth, where she works at Smith's Ace Hardware -  near Kroger's.  We love being able to see her often, and she is a wonderful example of how to live well!  When I start to gripe about some stupid small annoyance and she is in ear or eye shot,  her index finger reminds me not to sweat the small stuff! 

And as to being grateful,  Ward is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year - getting the turkey first thing Monday morning.  I baked a cherry pie several days ago - and it is in the freezer.  
We will have our nuclear family here - Ward's 2 older kids will join us - Scott from southern Indiana, and  Susy (Susanne) from South Bend, and our Jennifer.  Scott is making scalloped corn, and I will have fun helping with it all. And Jennifer is  like a streak of lightning in the kitchen - dirty dishes are whisked out of sight, and she is a terrific cook!!

For the first time in many years, we no longer have regular gallery hours, but we are always happy to see friends and customers - just ring our door bell, and if we're here, we'll let you in.  And if I've been lazy, and am not presentable,  I'll grab something to put on and get decent very fast!  And when we are better organized, I will put out the open sign as much as possible. 

I'm working on two originals that ar almost finished - both commissions, and have 8 more that I hope to get down in the next several weeks.  If the weather doesn't get too bad quickly, we hope to soon drive down to New Orleans, to visit son Terry.  He and Dani have a lovely  home, which we have not yet seen.  And I feel very ready to go  -  all prepared, including a new perm, with a wash and go style - if your're a man, this sounds silly, but if you are a female, like me, you will understand.

The current major project is finishing matted prints of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Plymouth.  They are printed, and the certificates are signed.  So it will take a week or two to complete this.  Our dear friend, Judi Dodge, is the force behind these prints.  And our friend, Randy Burkholder, has helped me remember   some photo shop steps that had simply flown out of my head.  We are so blessed with wonderful people who help us.

And as ever, if you want something from our gallery, and can't get in touch with us, call our fabulous friend and heper, Darlene Best.  Her Plymouth phone number is 574-936-4431 and she really knows more about  our gallery than I do!

Dear friends, and friend customers, we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy shopping as you enter into this holiday season!

from  Ward and Esther

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