Monday, December 28, 2015

"John Henry's Daughter" - That's me, ESTHER!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, things are a bit more relaxed in the Powers/Miller household.   We hope that you all have had a fine Christmas - and especially good health!  I have reached an age where I am trying to accomplish what to me - seems to be IMPORTANT ,  and for a long time I've wanted to write down some of my most vivid memories for my own family.   So I think I will make those memories the subject of this and some futurr blogs.

And IF I finish more originals, I'll also share them with you (of course, if they have been commissioned, I will need first - to present any to the commissioner or the commissionee  (I made that word up -  you'll just have to  figure out who I meant.  GOTCHA!

My father;s name was John Henry Scobie, hence the title of this blog - "John Henry's Daughter".  I was "Daddy's Little Girl", and in my earliest years had a mother who probably suffered from depression, often on the couch with a wet cloth over her eyes.  And I had to be QUIET.  Maybe  it was migraines???   So my father "took care of me" which meant that he farmed with me along, either on his lap, or on the back of "Pete", the gentler of our team of horses.  And the other horse in the team was "Molly" - don't want to leave her out This farming was back about 1932 - and my Dad had good equipment for those days, but no tractor.  

An especially traumatic event happened when I was barely three years old.  My first husband, Dr. Duane Powers,  enjoyed that story so much that he told it  in detail - to many of his patients, including members of my bridge club.  No, that was not hr cause of our divorce.  Now  this is the end of this first blog.  Betcha' you'll want to read the next blog!  Sorry I have to stop to work on getting a few belated Christmas greetings in the mailnand to pay a few bills.   Ward and I have been very "busy big bees" since we  arrived home only one week ago - when we returned from a wonderful trip to New Orleans to visit son Terry and his lovely wife, Dani.  Our dear friend, Darline, and my daughter, Jennifer kept Painter and Poet in good hands, and we thank them!

Am planning to write anothr blog a week from today. 

Happy New Year and all that stuff!     Esther 


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