Friday, September 19, 2014


Just over 2 weeks ago, I had surgery on my ankle - removal of some hardware put in over 30 years ago to hold my ankle together.   To my dismay, some of the hardware decided to push through the skin - a health "no-no"!  My protective husband bandaged it almost each day for months while we waited for an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon - now it is fixed, and I am lumbering around with a "Boot" a contraption invented to protect the foot beneath.  It protects the healing wound after the surgery, and the welcome news is that with very good medical care, I am gradually emerging from one more challenge, and am plugging away on paintings "in process", and  have recently finished putting together more popular prints to beef up our inventory.  I remind you that our winter gallery hours are 11 till 5 on Saturdays, and by chance (when you see our open sign out), or appointment when you call us.  I'm still not adept at getting messages off the I Phone, so safer to call us at our home phone 574-842-4350, where we have a very reliable answering service. 

Fall is truly my favorite season.  After our evening meal - whether at home, or in one of our favorite eateries,  Ward drives and I ride along enjoying the scenery, and casing the area for  interesting subject matter.  We have our good camera with interchangeable lenses, etc. and then we also have an I-Phone, also with photo capability - I'm going to try this - as we try to keep up some with new technology.   

We do not have "spell check" on this blog setup, so please excuse me if I goof on spelling.  Ward takes me to the library every few weeks, where I  check out books on CD's - and I listen when I am doing repetitive things , so this listening does not reinforce spelling as well as "reading" from the printed word.   Today, I finished hearing "The Daring Ladies of Lowell" by Kate Alcott.   an exciting mystery about life for residents and  cotton mill workers in a New England town - setting is around 1830.  A good "listen"  my substitute for a good "read". 

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